30 March 2015



That annoying little word that either strikes frustration, pain or anger into your mind. It is such a small word - 8 little letters - but seems to withhold such profound complication to our human nature. 

How long is your patience these days, or in other words, until you really make a scene? Like waiting for the morning bus, waiting in line getting lunch, or holding out for that expected phone call? How about waiting for that promotion, holding on for that life partner, or believing for that dream to come true?  

Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens...

A lack of patience can cost you in life. Running across a busy road, speeding on the freeway, quitting a great job hoping for something better, or choosing anyone to marry.

Some things in life need time to be enjoyed. Food cooked in an oven tastes better than from a microwave. Just ask Gordon Ramsey or Jaime Oliver.

And then some things last the test of time based on the wait required. What took years to develop and deep sacrifice has more sentimental value than something that took no effort at all.

Nature can not be rushed or it will not survive. When a woman is pregnant it takes nine long months to develop and birth a baby. There is pain and sacrifice but once it is birthed all painful memories disappear with the bundle of joy in front of her.   

1 Corinthians 9:26
So I run with purpose in every step...

As Christians there is a divine purpose behind each and every season we live in. A personal development process to equip and prepare you. If not the next season then one coming up which you must be ready for.

Patience is a characteristic God is looking for in all of us. It is an unspecified period of time which tests our ability to trust Him and desire His timing above our own. For He knows when you are ready for the doors to open so that you go forward in victory.

The popular saying “prior, preparation prevents poor performance” is true.  Without it you wouldn’t be ready or worse maybe even damage what was meant to be your biggest blessing. Some people in the bible had to wait decades until God's promise came to pass in their lifetime, and for good reason. Don't be surprised if you do to. 

Patience..... a beautiful word indeed. 

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