27 June 2016

Seek First the Kingdom of God

The Cologne Cathedral is an amazing piece of architecture today.

And what makes it so incredible is that it took 632 years to build! Frederick II, one of the most powerful Roman Emperors of the Middle Ages, wanted it to be the main place of worship in the country and possibly Europe. Halted during the sixteenth century, the construction was completed in 1880 according to the original plan.

Towering above the city skyline to this day, the building owes its overwhelming grandeur to its meticulous design and execution over the centuries. Even with modern engineering and materials, it would be impossible to duplicate the Cologne Cathedral. Today it is Germany’s most visited landmark and attracts an average 20,000 people per day!

Mathew 6:33 - Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.....

Imagine being part of something incredible, knowing that you would never see its completion? To labour for a lifetime that your father laboured for his lifetime, and his father before. And your children would labour for their lifetime, not knowing if it would ever be completed.

The completion and restoration of this beautiful place of worship depended on the patient skill of countless and nameless individuals who knew that they would never see its finish. 

That takes a lot of faith, and it’s the same with us when we are building the Kingdom of God. We who labour faithfully in our local church for years on end may never see its end, except in heaven when we are rewarded by God for our obedience and sacrifice.