23 September 2014

New Book Promo: Liberated

Do you base your value and worth on what you do or who you are? 

A distorted identity and life of bondage are not a coincidence. A poor understanding of our identity is the primary cause of bondage among Christians today. For your identity directly determines your every decision and how you choose to live your life.

A person who is liberated has the right or power to do as one pleases, or freedom without restraint or bondage. Galatians 5:1 declares this reality - It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. However, too many sincere believers today are living in some type of bondage when they already have the power to be set free. Therefore understanding who we are and unlocking the power within us as children of God is the key to a liberated life.

A desire to be all that God created us to be should be our highest pursuit in life. When we understand who we are and our purpose in Christ, we will be able to take hold of all the amazing plans He has in store for us. 

Expanded Synopsis

Freedom is so important to people today. It is possibly one of the most valued and celebrated realities a person can experience after a lifetime of bondage. The truth is we were created to be free and experience the fullness of freedom in Christ as Christians. But the reality is many sincere believers today are living in some kind of bondage, sin or ruled by negative emotions when they have the power to be set free.

One definition of the word liberated can be to set free from personal bondage. Nouns include deliverance, freedom, liberty, and release from captivity. This is everything Christ died for us to have today. Our identity greatly determines who we are and what we do in life. When we understand who we are and our purpose in Christ, we will be able to take hold of all the amazing plans God has for us. How you are loved because of who you are, not because of anything you will ever do. From this place who you are changes what you do.

The purpose of this book is to provide a clear and biblical framework of your identity in Christ which leads to long lasting relational, spiritual, physical and emotional freedom. To inspire and transform you to become all God created you to be. To live liberated in your life in total freedom in the fullness of your faith and relationship with Christ. That you would have freedom from addictions, liberty over the power of sin, release from childhood bondages, and set free from negative emotions.   

Chapter 1 – Identity Crisis – the realities of the brokenness of the world today
Chapter 2 – Who You Really Are – study of scripture of the Christian’s identity in Christ
Chapter 3 – Broken and Restored by God - how great things can be accomplished within us through life defining seasons
Chapter 4– Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind – taking thoughts captive and defeating negative strongholds
Chapter 5 – Walking in Freedom – practical steps of living free from bondage and sin
Chapter 6 – You Are God’s Answer to Your World – the power of your influence and legacy
Chapter 7 – Becoming All You Were Created to Be – the significance of living in divine freedom and what you could become

An accurate perception of ourselves, God and others based on the truth of scripture will over time lead to liberation in our everyday lives. Changing behaviour without understanding the reasons behind the behaviour will not bring long term change. But a deep sense of our need for God’s grace, sorrow over sin and joy over our forgiveness will.

God can accomplish great things within us through difficult seasons. I will share moments of my journey of overcoming years of bondage which I believe can be fully yours too. Join with me as we journey on living in the divine freedom which is yours in Christ. May God find you in this book and restore you as His child.

Available on Amazon.com in October 2014.